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We understand the importance of a satisfied customer.
Our success depends on their full satisfaction with their new
property. So when our customers take time out of their busy day
to send us notes of appreciation or acknowledge our efforts,
we are proud to show them off to the world. 

We thank all our customers for the business and testimonials of
​support we have received…… it really means a lot to us.

metal sign

The custom sign was made to look rusty to coinside with the name and feel of the bar.

Custom bar

The client asked for a bespoke zink bar, the finish was perfect for the theme within the bar

cubicle block

The toilet cubicle block was a great addition to the bar.


Thanks for all the dedicated personal service you have shown us. We appreciate the one-on-one help we have received from you.

We achieved exactly what we set out to do. Thanks!!

The Scrapyard

owner and proprietor of The Scrap Yard. A themed craft beer bar in Wirral, Merseyside.

The woodcote hotel

Our Connection with The Woodcote started with a new toilet cubicle block for the restaurant.

Since then our work with The Woodcote has expanded to the hotel rooms with coat hangers and clothes hangers, and into the bar with unique bottle and glass hangers with more projects on-going.

Clothes Hanger

16 Clothes hangers were required for the individual guest rooms.

Coat Hangers

16 coat hangers were required for each room.

Bottle Shelves

8 Bespoke bottle and glass hangers were designed to match the lights in the restaurant


Awaiting review

The woodcote

"The Woodcote Hotel is ideally located within 5 minutes of the M53 and A550 New Chester Road and only a half mile from Hooton Train station. ”


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