Teaching Walls

Teaching Walls

These modular units can be designed to suit your different teaching style and include tray or cupboard storage, shelving, interactive whiteboards, pinboards or standard whiteboards to create a flexible resource.

Perfect storage solution for any classroom.

Teacher walls provide a focal point and make good use of under utilised space at the front of the room.  They can also create a streamlined contemporary look and improve the functionality of the any classroom or laboratory.

Also known as e-walls and media walls, these are a revolutionary product which can turn any wall in your classroom into a tidy, practical media and storage wall. They offer complete flexibility in design and configuration, measured to fit your classroom, to fit interactive whiteboards and plasma screens with power and data cables safely concealed.

Media walls are an exciting and new product which offer a professional storage system for holding media equipment like televisions, monitors and interactive whiteboards.